Forensic Architecture

C+A utilizes our intense knowledge of building enclosure system design, field based moisture infiltration evaluation, deterioration/distress, and mechanical, electrical and plumbing requirements to identify and resolve complex building related problems in existing buildings, as well as, new buildings during the design phase and/or construction or post-construction. Our forensic architecture expertise results in the resolution or avoidance of building related problems and the opinion of cause of damage. We have a strong understanding of building systems and waterproofing design issues from underground to high-rise construction.

Adaptive Reuse. C+A provides Owners and Developers the opportunity to repurpose their existing buildings through our knowledge of the International Building Code (IBC) and relationship with the Association of Preservation Technology International (APT) and other technical associations. Mr. Chamblee has touched thousands of buildings in his 30 years of being an Architect. C+A can assist an Owner in determining how their current building can be architecturally redesigned to allow for new occupancy type or improved interior spatial relationships.

Historical Preservation. C+A has conducted various Restoration Programs to help Owners of historic buildings improve the quality of the building's indoor environment and preserve the building's life expectancy. With our membership within the Association of Preservation Technology International (APT) we have unlimited wealth of knowledge about preservation techniques and building construction practices of the past.

Thermal, Moisture and Simulation Modeling. C+A regularly assists owners and developers studies and hydrothermal calculations before construction giving designers comprehensive data to make informed decisions in fine tuning the system design.

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