Quality Assurance Program

C+A’s Quality Assurance Program (QAP) typically begins during the Design Document Phase with performing a Peer Review and continues through the completion of the Construction Phase of the Project. Our holistic approach to conducting a Peer Review of a permit issue set of construction documents prior to construction, includes the following tasks, as required:

Existing Conditions Review and Documentation
• Provide photographic documentation of existing site and building systems.

Pre-Construction Peer Review Report

Building Code Review.

• Code compliance and industry standard of care,
• Renovations - Current site conditions and Occupancy Certification and existing systems.

Building Enclosure System Review.

• Constructability,
• Operational performance,
• Enclosure System issues for water shedding systems, air barrier, moisture vapor migration and
  condensation, assembly materials selection, transition and opening detailing, flashing and
  detailing, roofing system materials, drainage configurations and penetration details,
• Interdisciplinary drawing coordination,
• Reporting.

Construction Phase Quality Assurance Program


• Review Details and Shop Drawings,
• Discuss status of Work with Project Superintend,
• Mockup review of critical assemblies,
• Review installed work and work in progress and status of compliance,
• Field Report includes photographic documentation, a listing of enclosure system materials and
  open issues tracking table of non-compliance issues.

Digital Field Reports:

• Open Issues Tracking,
• Photographic Documentation,
• Base Summary Checklist

Final Quality Assurance Report:

• Post Construction Project Documentation.

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