Building Enclosure Consulting

C+A performs copious building enclosure system assessments with a focus on system details including weather barrier systems, material transition details and moisture and vapor migration through various building assemblies. We have experience identifying and creating repair solutions for poor performing building systems including failures of metal and glazed curtain walls systems and cladding systems that include masonry stone, EIFS, stucco and masonry veneer wall system, as well as, rain screen wall assemblies. These enclosure system assessments include consideration of original design intent and construction methods and typically include nondestructive and destructive testing to determine the cause(s) of failure. Evaluation of fenestration units and wall and roof system assemblies frequently lead to recommendations for repair, retrofit or replacement. Depending on our findings, these recommendations may range from localized repairs, removal, and replacement of the existing system, or upgrading to a superior performing system.  

C+A personnel are involved in professional and technical organizations to enhance our technical knowledge base of materials, systems and processes to assist our clients success while maintaining our cutting-edge technology, products and energy systems knowledge.

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